Public Tour

All attendees of PORESC 2018 can join the conference public tour that is planned on the one afternoon of the conference period for free. We will visit the Cheonjiyeon waterfall, Saeyeon Bridge and Sae-Seom, which take about 30 minute from conference venue (ICC) to tour attractions (15.5km) by conference tour bus. These sites are nearby Seogwipo Port and they have beautiful night view. You can also enjoy the traditional market of Jeju, ‘Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market’.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
Cheonjiyeon waterfall is one of the main tourist sites on Jeju Island. The waterfall is fed by a spring and falls into a pond. The waterfall is situated along a paved pathway which is about 5 minutes walk from the car park. The walk follows the river through green trees. Along the way there you pass by two small damns which are used to control the water level in the pond at the base of Cheonjiyeon waterfall.

Saeyeon Bridge & Saeseom
Saeyeon bridge connects Seogwipo Port and Saeseom Island. It was designed to look like a Teu, a traditional flat wooden boat of Jejudo Island. The bridge is lit up until 22:00, making it a popular trail at night. Furthermore, the view of the bridge and the sunset is spectacular when seen from Seogwipo Port, making it deal for taking pictures. Recently, a “Music Bench”, which plays songs related to Seogwipo region, is being constructed, and expectations for the bridge are high. Saeseom is a small island just off the southern coast of Jeju. It is called “Saeseom Island” because a lot of silvergrass that are used to make the thatched roofs are produced on it. This area used to be under cultivation and farmed from the middle of the period of the Joseon Dynasty and people used to live here until the mid-1960s. According to legend, the summit of Mt. Halla has become Seaseom after being thrown into the sea by a volcanic eruption. There is a 1.2km walking path around the island that yields views of the Saeyeongyo bridge and Jeju Island.